The possibility of dreaming


To welcome is to allow room for all, it is to offer the possibility to dream. To dream is to cross borders, to draw a different tomorrow, to float above the world.

But how to dream when you have lost everything, when you cannot take proper care of yourself in your country and you have to move around according to where you may be assigned… When every last euro counts to buy food, when your spoken language is unknown to others, when no one is expecting you and when you only have the provisional setting of the CADA as a benchmark?

How to dream when the daily routine is filled with administrative appointments, when it is not possible to work or when you are threatened simply because you happen to be a woman… When you no longer think of yourself but only of the need to survive, when your disabled child risks death, or when places of refuge like the CADA become uncertain?

How to dream when the body has become accustomed to suffering every day from sleeping on a sidewalk, when your life is threatened because you come from a minority, and the pain of a violence you lived through is still real? When medical appointments are daily but the hospital is over an hour's drive from home? How to dream when you just want all of it to stop?

To dream, you have to find a spot, a space, a time just for yourself, just a moment in place, so difficult to find.